Welcome to my personal sites re-launch!

My primary motivation for publishing this site stems from my continued growth as a developer and desire to document my learnings and code releases.

A secondary motive is my desire to share photos and stories with those close to me without relying on a social networking company. I currently host my photos using Google Drive which are linked to from this blog. I use Facebook mainly for communicating and rarely post photos there. I'm on LinkedIn and think Google+ is highly under-rated.

Past iterations of this site included some of my personal views, observations and philosophies. I've since decided the best place for such discussion is in person over coffee. There's plenty of polemic cluttering the web as is.


I've published revisions of cjsheets.com, chadsheets.com (and a couple others) on and off since 2007. School, work and life have a way of taking precedence. As previous iterations aged it was easier to take them down than re-write them.

The web landscape has changed (a LOT) since then. Technologies matured and it's never been easier to launch and maintain a website.

This site takes advantage of a number of modern technologies including NodeJS, jQuery for ajax page reloads and responsive content, several minor javascript libraries and several external *.io services.

It's currently hosted at Linode though I frequently bounce services between Linode and Digital Ocean. They're both fantastic.

Here's to new beginnings.